Aggressive and Uncompromising

In a perfect world, our citizens would be fairly and adequately compensated for their injuries. However, in the real world, it’s not easy to achieve a just result without the professional expertise and resources necessary to bring well-financed defendants to trial. No matter the severity of your injuries, Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins is prepared to fight for you and hold responsible the people that hurt you. We pride ourselves on putting our client’s interests first and helping our clients achieve a successful resolution and a sense of justice and finality.

DRH&R believes that the only way to effectively represent our clients is to aggressively pursue their claims and actively push their case to trial. Therefore, we treat every case as if it will one day be heard before a jury. While the Texas State Bar does not permit publication of the sums recovered, we have obtained numerous large verdicts or settlements; some of the larger cases that we have successfully handled as lead counsel include:

  • Obtaining the top 15 personal injury verdict in California in 2009 for a man severely injured when a van overturned
  • Obtaining $7,621,250 as a net amount to our clients for a brain-injured driver and her family in a wrongful death and negligence action for injuries sustained in an accident caused by the intoxicated driver of a major corporation
  • Obtaining a substantial verdict in a wrongful death case against a nursing home
  • Obtaining a substantial verdict for a brain-injured driver ejected from a vehicle because of poorly designed truck seats
  • Successfully representing the family of a teenaged girl who was not properly supervised in a mental health facility and committed suicide
  • Obtaining $4,076,862.20 as a net amount to our client who suffered a broken back due to being hit by a falling tree dropped by poorly designed and manufactured logging equipment
  • Successfully representing the family of an adult who was not properly supervised in a mental health facility and committed suicide
  • Obtaining highly publicized verdict for the family of a man who was asphyxiated by the negligent actions of a large department store that was reported on 60 Minutes