Houston Sexual Assault Lawyers


If you or someone you love has been the victim of sexual assault, the lawyers from DRHR Law can help. Our Houston sexual assault lawyers know that money doesn’t take away what happened, but it can help a family in distress.

You have nothing to fear when working with our lawyers if you do decide to proceed, as we can handle your case as discreetly as possible. You will also find us to be emotionally supportive to your needs.

Accepting High-Profile Cases

It doesn’t matter who the perpetrator was in your case – a religious official, teacher, doctor – you deserve justice for what happened. We realize that these types of cases can be even more difficult to talk about because the perpetrators feel powerful.

Rest assured that our sexual assault lawyers in Houston TX have worked on these types of cases and have been able to protect the rights of our clients while also protecting others from the risk of abuse.

Sexual Assault is More than Rape

Another factor our Houston sexual abuse attorney wants you to be aware of is that sexual assault is more than rape. Some people think that if they were touched inappropriately or with an object, it doesn’t count as sexual assault. This is NOT true. Any unwanted touching or fondling can be considered sexual assault.

If you’re not sure if what you or a loved one suffered was assault, contact a Houston sexual abuse attorney to discuss the details. Chances are, it was assault and you have rights to protect.

Seeking Changes in the Workplace

In addition to getting you the compensation you deserve, our Houston sexual assault lawyers go the extra mile to seek changes in hiring procedures and supervision procedures. This is done to protect future individuals from being victims of assault.

To learn more about your rights to compensation following assault, please contact our Houston sexual assault lawyers.