Houston Construction Litigation Attorneys


Construction is a high risk industry, and it’s no stranger for disputes and conflicting claims. If you are in the construction industry, it’s vital that you have Houston construction litigation attorneys that are ready to fight on your behalf.

The attorneys at DRHR Law have extensive experience with construction claims that arise before, during or after the project. With the ability to take cases with short notice and a successful track record, we are confident that our construction dispute lawyers in Houston TX can be of great help to you.

Why Hire Our Houston Construction Litigation Lawyers

You only get one chance to make things right, so it’s important to select the best lawyer right from the start. DRHR Law was established in 1990, and our senior partners have over 30 years of experience working together. This foundation makes us a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.

You can expect that your case will be given the appropriate attention from our Houston construction litigation attorneys. We pay close attention to the details and ensure that our clients receive honest, accurate feedback. It helps that our construction litigation attorneys in Houston TX know how to write, speak and comment on construction litigation issues. Nothing is out of our comfort level with this industry.

Construction Claims We Have Experience With

Our Houston construction dispute attorneys have been working on these types of cases for decades, so we are happy to take on just about any case within the construction industry. Some of the most common areas that our construction dispute lawyers in Houston TX have worked on include:

  • Denial of site access
  • Environmental hazards
  • Structural failures
  • Bonding issues
  • Suspension of work and stop work orders
  • Disruption and lost productivity claims
  • Construction defects
  • Late project completion

Are you ready to have your case handled with ease? Set up a consultation with our Houston construction litigation attorneys and get the legal counsel you need.