Houston Best Will Contest Attorneys


Are you or someone in your family challenging the validity of a will? The only way to resolve these issues in a professional manner is through the assistance of experienced Houston will contest law firms.

DRHR Law is an agency that specializes in disputes of all types, including will disputes. Our Houston best will contest attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable, and our senior partners have been working together for over 30 years. With our exceptional teamwork and understanding of the Texas laws, we’re confident that our Houston will dispute lawyers can resolve your case.

Why Do Disputes Happen Over Wills?

Usually disputes happen when one or more family members feel cheated out of their inheritance. If they feel that they have something to gain from hiring the best will contest attorneys in Houston TX, they may take things to a higher level. Generally speaking, the more money that is involved or the larger the estate, the more likely there are to be disputes.

In order to challenge a will and hire will dispute lawyers in Houston TX, you must have standing in the probate court. You have standing if you are a beneficiary specifically named in the will, or if you would automatically benefit from the estate. Stepchildren, foster children and in-laws cannot challenge a will and hire Houston will contest law firms, unless they are specifically named.

Working with Will Contest Law Firms in Houston TX

Even once you’re able to legally challenge a will, there must be grounds for doing so. You can’t simply hire the best will contest attorneys in Houston TX and ask for more of the estate. You must be able to document that:

  • The person was not mentally competent when he signed the will, or;
  • The person was pressured by someone to agree to the terms, or;
  • The person has another will, or;
  • There was no witness or signature.

If you need to dispute a will, please contact our Houston will contest law firm and let us help you!